Orange-bellied parrot photographed on Mundoo Island Station 29th May 2021

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Exciting News … I photographed an Orange-bellied parrot (Critically endangered species) on Mundoo Island Station on Saturday morning and 1 was photographed and another heard on Hindmarsh Island by Bob Green (SA Orange-bellied parrot Regional Coordinator) on Saturday afternoon. This is such exciting news for these amazing birds. There are four Coastal Neophema Parrots (Orange-bellied, […]

Migratory shorebirds arrive on our shores …

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Our Coorong shorelines are currently playing host to a number of shorebirds, including many migratory birds that have flown up to 10,000km to feed during our summer.  The annual migration is an important part of many migratory bird species’ lifecycle.  The birds come to our shores to feed and double their body weight before flying […]


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We are into the ideal time of year for recording frog surveys. We have a number of sites on Mundoo Island Station where ideal environmental conditions create magnificent frog habitat. Our recent frog surveys have recorded the following frogs: Pobblebonk, Long-thumbed, Common froglet, Spotted marsh frog and the Brown tree frog. We are hoping to […]

Martin Clunes (Doc Martin) visits Mundoo Island Station

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Martin Clunes and his film crew spent a few days over Easter 2016 on Mundoo Island Station filming part of his new documentary series “Islands of Australia”. The documentary will feature 12 interesting islands from around the country and we feel privileged to have been selected to feature as one of those islands, the only […]