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Mundoo Island Station is an operating cattle & sheep station and allows small groups of campers onto Mundoo & Ewe Islands.

No facilities are provided, therefore all campers must be totally self-contained. Tents, camper trailers and caravans are welcome. Some camp sites require 4WD to access.

Boating access in the Coorong is available at some camp sites – launch sites are unmade and are shallow therefore only small boats can be launched on site.  Larger boats can be launched at the Mundoo Channel boat ramp and motored around to your campsite (specific campsites allow boat access) for the duration of your stay.

Our camp sites only suit those who wish to set up camp and not drive anywhere for the duration, due to access restrictions crossing the barrages on and off Mundoo & Ewe Islands.

Please note that porta pottis are essential as you are not permitted to dig holes for toilet purposes.

A fee is applicable for any inspection requests and will only be accommodated if time permits.No pets are permitted as we undertake baiting for fox control and we need to look after our native bird population and lambs.

Activities that can be enjoyed whilst camping on Mundoo Island Station include: fishing, kayaking, boating, swimming in the Coorong, bird watching, coastal paddock walks, watching amazing sunrises and sunsets and relaxing enjoying time with family and friends.

Bring your own kayaks or small dinghy to explore the beautiful waterways and access the magnificent Coorong sand dunes. Whilst in the sand dunes, take the board walk through the dunes to the Southern Ocean and see the stunning 90 mile beach.

Fishing directly into Boundary Creek or Mundoo Channel can yield some nice catches of mulloway, salmon trout, bream, Coorong mullet and flounder. Please make yourself familiar with closed seasons for certain fish species and bag and size limits that are applicable.

We have small wind shelters at a few of our camp sites: Grannie's Hill, Old Stock Fence, Annie's and All Alone.

Our camp sites are in paddocks and therefore can be prickly under foot during summer.

It is important to be aware that snakes inhabit our islands and you must keep a watchful eye out for them and ensure your tents are zipped up completely.

We suggest you bring a well stocked first aid kit with you and brush up on your first aid skills.


Camp is set up - now time to relax!

Happy camper Colin at "All Alone" fishing for Mulloway!

Happy camper Colin at "All Alone" fishing for Mulloway!


Grannie's Hill camp site

Camp Sites Available

  • All Alone, McLean’s, Sid’s & Annie’s

    (Mundoo Channel frontage – salt water) Boat & kayak access to Coorong

  • Lighthouse & Coorong

    (Coorong frontage – salt water) Boat & kayak access to Coorong

  • Billabong

    (Coorong frontage – salt water) Kayak access

  • Grannies Hill & Old Stock Fence

    (Boundary Creek frontage – salt water) - Boat & kayak access to Coorong

  • Ewe Island

    (Coorong & Boundary Creek frontage – salt water) – Boat & kayak access to Coorong

  • Rummie’s Camp, Holmes Creek

    (freshwater side of Mundoo Island) – Boat & kayak access to the River Murray (through reeds)

Camping Fees 

A minimum camp fee of $120 is applicable to any booking

(this includes your camp fees up to that amount)

This minimum fee is due to the time consuming logistics of escorting you to and from your camp site as there is no public access

  • Camp fees:
    • $20 per adult per night
    • Children up to 16: $10 per night
    • All vehicles in your group must arrive and depart at the same time
    • A fee of $66 per hour or part thereof will be charged if you or any member of your group is 15 minutes (or longer) late for the pre-arranged meeting time
  • Additional entry/exit escorts to and from the locked gate on Hindmarsh Island and across the barrage may be negotiated at a fee of $66 one way if more than your initial and final entry/exit is required.  This may only be accommodated if time permits as it is very time consuming. 
  • You are not permitted to drive your vehicle on our property during your stay other than when we escort you (except in the case of a medical emergency)
  • Please contact us if you would like further information.



Mundoo Island Station Camp Sites

Mundoo Island Station Camp Sites

Mundoo Island Station Camp Sites

  • Access to our private property is via government operated barrages therefore you must be escorted onto and off our islands. You cannot come and go from your camp site.
  • There is no shelter in the form of trees on our islands. Small wind break shelters are available at All Alone, Annie’s, Grannie’s Hill and Old Stock Fence camp sites.
  • You are not permitted to invite other visitors to our camp sites. Only those listed on your Booking Form are permitted on our property.
  • Porta Pottis are essential – you are not permitted to dig holes for any purpose, including toilets
  • Kayaking or boating across to the Coorong sand dunes is an amazing experience - especially the 20 minute walk over the boardwalk to the Southern ocean at Godfrey's Landing

















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