Mundoo Island Station was a sheep station prior to the construction of the barrages.

With the resultant permanent supply of freshwater, liver fluke (living in snails) came down the river.

The sheep were used to drinking from the freshwater soaks in each paddock. When the barrages were completed the sheep were able to access fresh River Murray water at the water edge surrounding our islands.

Sadly, the sheep ingested snails which contained liver fluke and they died in their hundreds over a short period of time.

This proved to be the impetus to change from sheep to cattle ...

However, a new breed of sheep introduced into Australia, that does not require shearing has been welcomed on Mundoo Island Station.

White Dorpers were bought in 2011 and the flock has grown rapidly since.  They show no respect for fencing between paddocks. Lucky we live on an island as they do respect water!

Dorpers are bred for meat and they shed their wool. They have magnificent feed utilisation and conversion. As the Mundoo Island Station sheep feed on pasture with a sprinkling of salt from the coastal environment, the flavour of the meat is magnificent. The wool falls off the sheep as it sheds and is left to decompose in the paddocks.

In 2020, we introduced Aussie White stud rams to mate with our Dorper ewes. Aussie Whites are high in Omega 3 fatty acids, have great marbling qualities and softer unsaturated fats. They have exceptional eating quality and magnificent flavour.

Mundoo Island Station cattle, White Dorper sheep and unbroken or green-broken stock horses are available for purchase at various times of the year.

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