The Coorong, Lower Lakes and Murray Mouth (CLLMM) Vegetation Program, delivered by the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, is a seven year adaptive management response from 2009 to 2016 to rehabilitate Lakes Alexandrina, Lake Albert and the Coorong Ramsar wetland site. This program is part of the South Australian Government’s Murray Futures Program, funded by the Australian Government’s Water for the Future initiative.  We agreed to participate in this program.

In 2013 we had 40,000 trees, shrubs and grasses planted on Mundoo Island.  A further 100,000 trees, shrubs and grasses were planted on Mundoo and Ewe Islands in 2014. Fencing was constructed to exclude livestock from the planting areas. 

The plantings are progressing well.  There has been some loss but many are thriving and already providing valuable habitat and food source for native species.

The Common Names of some of the species planted are:  Swamp Paper-bark, Dryland Tea-tree, Common Boobialla, Coast Bitter-bush, Marsh saltbush, Lignum, Ruby saltbush, Sea-berry saltbush, Berry saltbush, Round-leaf Pigface, Sea rush, Coast Bonefruit, Australian Saltmarsh-grass, Short-leaf Bluebush, Lagoon saltbush, Common Tussock-grass, Old Man’s Beard, Tall spear-grass, Short-stem Flax-lily, Scarlet Runner, Woolly Mat-rush, Bower spinach, Fuzzy New Holland Daisy, Small-flower Wallaby-grass, Slender velvet bush, Muntries, Black-head grass and Knobby Club-rush.

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