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Mundoo Island Station offers a 1.5 hour artist 'tour' opportunity on Mundoo Island - from one person up to 21.

The beautiful Coorong vista and abundant birdlife in the Coorong and Murray River provide magnificent art opportunities as do the rustic, twisted wire and wood knots in our historic stock yards.

The moss and lichens on the cars in our 'Old Car Graveyard' present unusual textures, designs and patterns.

Your tour can be catered to your specific artistic subjects. 

You can be left to your own devices whilst you paint or sketch or alternatively you can photograph scenes you may wish to paint later.

Contact us to enquire about an artistic 'tour' :

Tours are $50 per person (with a minimum of $120) for a 1.5 hour tour.

Longer tours can be organised.



Mundoo Sunset #2