Initially, Mundoo Island Station was a sheep station with a few dairy cattle to provide milk.

Walter and Jack Grundy primarily ran sheep on the property. Peter Grundy branched out into beef cattle.

He bought, fattened and sold 'northern' cattle - cattle brought in from stations in the north of South Australia. 

These cattle were used to roaming the dry, uninhabited environment that is the renowned harsh northern country.

Mustering northern cattle on the Coorong Islands proved to be a task that was not for the faint hearted.

The thrill of the chase on horseback had many fellas putting up their hand to help with musters.

We have since refined our beef cattle herd to Angus cattle.

Of particular importance to our enterprise now is herd improvement through the genetic data available for stud bulls and their progeny. 

Prime Angus are turned off Mundoo Island Station destined for the Japanese dinner plate, feedlots and local markets.

The purchase of bulls is an exacting process and certainly not taken lightly. All breeding values and genetic traits are meticulously taken into account when purchasing bulls, ensuring the desired herd improvement. The same exacting effort is placed on our choice of heifers from which we intend to breed to ensure our herd replacement program is as desired to produce docile offspring with great growth attributes.

Mustering is done on horseback between the islands and motorbikes, Rangers and Argos on the high ground.

We yard-wean our weaners to ensure docility so that we have quiet stock for handling purposes and future breeding.

Any flighty animals are culled from our mob at the first opportunity.

Preg-testing is carried out routinely to ensure we are not carrying any empty cows. At this stage, each cow is assessed to ensure optimum health for future breeding.

Our stock handling techniques are of a quiet nature to ensure safety for the animals and ourselves, reduce stress and the chances of bruising to the animal.

We often have small lines of heifers for sale which can be purchased by farmers requiring smaller quantities for re-stocking or herd improvement purposes.

Mundoo Island Station cattle, Dorper sheep and green-broken stock horses are available for purchase at various times of the year.





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