Arabian / Australian Stockhorse bloodline horses have been bred on Mundoo Island Station for decades.

Due to the topography of the property, horses are often the only means by which you can muster the cattle or sheep. Moving cattle through water from island to island is only able to be done on horseback. Motorbikes, Rangers, Argos and other vehicles are used on the high ground.

One stallion serves 6 mares and they run freely on Mundoo Island Station. 

Two-year old horses are broken-in as required for stock work.

Often there are young horses available for sale (green broken and unbroken).

Our horses are calm, responsive and multi-talented: being used for dressage, stock work, camp drafting, trail rides and roping.

They are intelligent, strong and eager to please, have tremendous endurance and muscular, powerful legs.

Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing horses. 




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Mundoo Island Station Foal





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