Mundoo Island Station operates a commercial breeding herd of Angus beef cattle, Dorper sheep and Arab bloodline stock horses.

When time permits, we conduct historic station tours, bird watching, photography and artist tours.

Other tourism opportunities we offer include; exclusive self-contained Coorong camping and self-contained farm stay accommodation, "The Retreat", which is suitable for up to 4 guests.  

We crop approximately 400 hectares annually to provide our required hay and feed-off crops. The yield varies greatly from year to year depending on the season. An early break is only of benefit if we have regular follow-up rain. Lately we seem to have experienced very short springs and therefore reduced yield.

In an effort to reduce our reliance upon chemicals and manufactured fertilisers for soil, pasture and crop requirements we embraced various biodynamic farming practices.  We had our soil profiles analysed with a number of soil tests from various paddocks to ascertain the nutrient deficiencies. A management plan was devised from the results. In an effort to improve our soil health, we trialled worm castings on selected paddocks, as the product is rich in plant nutrients and trace minerals.  The benefits gained from this organic material are numerous. It is rich in available nitrogen, phosphates and potash as well as plant-available soluble minerals and beneficial bacteria.

Our grazing regime changed due to the effects of the Millennium Drought we suffered during the years of 2007 to 2010. We now conduct rotational grazing to utilise the pasture and feed that is available. Grazing management is an important factor in the management of soil, water and nutrients. Stocking rates need to be adjusted in line with the natural cycle of the pasture maturation. Overstocking at critical stages can cause irreparable damage to pastures.

Weed control is an ongoing management issue that requires a well-planned approach using a combination of management options, integrated with other livestock and pasture management activities.  Unfortunately we have had weed species introduced to Mundoo Island Station from material trucked-in for the barrage works.  We discovered Salvation Jane growing out of the road base that had been brought in to build the road. We managed to eradicate it by regularly checking and removing any plants that appeared. Birds spread weed seeds in their droppings, hence, weeds are common along fence lines! Vigilance and diligence are required to keep on top of weed infestations.

We are a Meat Standards Australia (MSA) registered beef producer. Cattle that meet MSA requirements are graded at MSA-licensed abattoirs. To assure the eating quality of MSA beef it requires standards to be maintained from paddock to plate. MSA eating quality scores are a combination of tenderness, juiciness and flavour.

We are mindful of all the profitability traits in the production of our cattle. We spend years raising our animals to optimum standards but it can all be undone in the transport, abattoir or saleyard process.  We do not have any control over the way our animals are treated from the point of loading onwards but can be reassured that the businesses all have accreditation standards that they must meet.  On-farm management is only part of the paddock to plate process. 

Our Dorper sheep are a South African breed of domestic sheep developed from a cross of Dorset and Persian Sheep.  They are bred for meat, have high growth rate, high fertility and survive in arid regions. They grow a short coat of wool and hair which they shed in spring and summer. The most common Dorper has a black head although the all-white Dorpers are becoming quite popular.  We currently only have white Dorpers. In 2020 we purchased an Australian White ram to put over our Dorpers. Aussie whites are a shedding, meat sheep that has been bred for Australian conditions.

Our farm-stay accommodation, “The Retreat” on Mundoo Island is the perfect getaway for those wishing to leave city or town life behind and relax in our natural environment.  “The Retreat” has 2 bedrooms (1 queen and 2 singles), bathroom and sitting room downstairs and a kitchen, lounge and dining upstairs.  The view from upstairs is stunning with the Coorong vista, Mundoo Barrage, paddocks and Murray mouth. It is simply breathtaking. Birdwatching from the balcony is a real treat!




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