Mundoo Island is a privately owned cattle & sheep station only 1 1/2 hours drive south of Adelaide in the Coorong on the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia.

Recently stepping back into the early history of sheep, Mundoo Island is now home to Dorper sheep as well as Angus beef cattle. Arab bloodline horses have been bred on Mundoo Island Station for many years.

This unique property is the last farming property on the River Murray - where the river meets the sea.

The station is run over a series of islands nestled in the mouth of the River Murray, the largest being Mundoo Island - 3,000 acres (approx 1,200 hectares). 

The fresh water passes through the barrages (under normal river flow) and mixes with the salt water corridor of the Coorong, flowing out to the Southern Ocean via the Murray mouth taking with it the accumulated salts and nutrients from the entire length of the Murray-Darling Basin System.

Three of the five River Murray Barrages, in the Coorong at the end of the river, run through the middle of Mundoo Island Station.

Thus, the island has the salt water of the Coorong on one side and the fresh water of the River Murray on the other.

NOTE:  There is NO PUBLIC ACCESS on Mundoo Island or the barrages

Due to the amazing wetland features of Mundoo Island Station, it is home to myriad birdlife and native animals including endangered and vulnerable species. It is vital that regular surveys are conducted to record the species that call Mundoo Island and the surrounding waterways home.  Regular surveys are conducted including frog, bird, fish and bat surveys to ascertain species and their numbers present.  Thousands of migratory birds frequent our shorelines annually and we conduct shorebird surveys for Birdlife Australia. Thousands of trees, shrubs and grasses have been planted on Mundoo and Ewe Island to enhance the vegetation and hopefully provide a wonderful environment for the many species that frequent our islands.

Book a private historical or birdwatching tour - marvel at the diversity of the unique freshwater / saltwater environments providing varied habitat for numerous bird species.  Bring your binoculars for your birding adventure on Mundoo Island, adjacent the Coorong waterbody and Lake Alexandrina. Photography tours are also available.

Secluded accommodation for up to 4 persons is available.  This would suit those who enjoy the environment, birdlife, fishing, kayaking (available for hire), paddock picnics and Coorong vista.  Solar power is generated and stored in batteries so you cannot run powerful equipment such as air conditioners and heaters. Laptops and television power is available. A stay at "The Retreat" @ Mundoo Island Station will allow you to get away from life as you know it and enjoy a 'real' break!  See our tab above for further information and photographs.

Sally has written a book, "Mundoo Island Memories",  which is currently out of print but she is working on a new book which should be available in the coming months.

Please contact us with your enquiries.